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Land rover production dates

paul connor



I'm aware you can break down a VIN number for the exact year and model from a Land Rover, but I require the actual month mine was produced. Can anyone shed light to if this is possible?

I have the military history, which states my vehicle was pressed into service during February 1990, yet the chassis codes state it was built in 1989. I'm aware it was likely sitting before it was placed into service, but as I am due to re-register it in Germany I need the production date as I can get 'oldtimer' status and reep a few benefits such as reduced tax, and being classed as historic.

Does LRover still hold such information, or can I only prove it was 1989, at some stage? As Germany will want to know what date, time and who put the last rivet in, as well as what tea he was drinking and if he was late that morning.





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Hi Paul

I think a letter or email to Land Rover at Solihull would be the only way to get these details.

Maybe even who (he or she) put in the last rivet... ;-0



PS  It was built the same year as mine but my landy was put out as a kit of parts and the vin shows 1989. It was then manufactured by JRA in 1990. 

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4 hours ago, paul connor said:

Ah, yes, the heritage thing looks promising. Does anyone have any experience with one of those?

I have a heritage certificate here for a Series III - information includes the chassis number and  exact model and the fact that it was built on 6 Sept 1983 and despatched on 12 Sept 1983 to a dealer in Newcastle on Tyne... 



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I have contacted Jaguar Land Rover and they will provide a date of build certificate for £30. So £14 saving over the heritage link; just in case anyone else in the future wants similar information.


Thanks guys, let's hope it was built before June 1989! So I can register it as an oldtimer!

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