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  1. Hi guys. I’ve got some of the excellent “In Detail” books focusing on Military Land Rovers. These are photographic portrayals of various Airborne, Special Ops and Up-Armoured Military Land Rovers in current collections and each book goes in to a lot of detail. The book titles are as follows: “Airborne Landies in Detail” which is £21.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU: £9.80, ROW £13.90) “Special Operations Landies in Detail” which is £24.00 plus postage (UK £4.70, EU £13.43, ROW £19.18) “Up-Armoured Landies in Detail” at £19.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU £9.8
  2. Hi guys. I’ve just got a batch of the excellent “In Detail” books focusing on Military Land Rovers. The details and web links are below but if you have any questions, please do message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com First up we have “Airborne Landies in Detail” which is £21.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU: £9.70, ROW £13.20) https://www.motorcycleracer.com/LAN1 There is also “Special Operations Landies in Detail” which is £24.00 plus postage (UK £4.70, EU £13.43, ROW £19.18) https://www.motorcycleracer.com/LAN3 And finally “Up-Armoured Landies in Detail” at £
  3. Just purchased this 1986 Land Rover 110 FFR. It has come with a loads of equipment, but sadly all the radio equipment has been removed (apart from some cables). Looking for any advise of which equipment should be installed. This is my so call blank canvas (hardtop). I will also post of various jobs that I do on it. @mikeslandrovers
  4. Dear all, Allready long time guesst on this forum, watching how other people doing nice restorations. But would like to share my restoration on my first car. The car I own is a: Land-Rover 109' SIII Diesel Made for the Dutch military. End of last year I bought her, verry happy! Always been a huge fan of the lovely British Land-Rover and finally own one. The Dutch army owned Land-Rovers in a few different designs. The moment I bought my Land-Rover I didn't know much about the type of cars the army owned. Did some research on the internet and found out mine was a bit diff
  5. Hi, I'm aware you can break down a VIN number for the exact year and model from a Land Rover, but I require the actual month mine was produced. Can anyone shed light to if this is possible? I have the military history, which states my vehicle was pressed into service during February 1990, yet the chassis codes state it was built in 1989. I'm aware it was likely sitting before it was placed into service, but as I am due to re-register it in Germany I need the production date as I can get 'oldtimer' status and reep a few benefits such as reduced tax, and being classed as historic.
  6. good afternoon everyone. I have a 1962 land rover series 2a 109 that research suggests was a tow truck fitted with a harvey frost crane inservice with the RAF. I have tried to find any photos of such a vehicle in RAF service. I would like to get it restored to show condition but need something to work with. As an aside can anyone advise what uniform you might expect the operator to have been wearing in the 60's. Blue coveralls perhaps? any help greatly appreciated. cheers Paul
  7. Hi all, I applied for the B card (attached) from the RLC archive (at great expense!) and excitedly downloaded it, but haven't got a clue what it means!! Can anyone help me? I have recently fulfilled my ambition and bought a 1984 Land Rover, Series 3, SWB... Thank you in advance for any help I am really excited to learn more.. Military History 81KC72.pdf
  8. Hi, I was going to start this thread later but another thread I started on this vehicle's radio setup: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?52339-Unusual-Land-Rover-radio-setup raised lots of questions veering ever so slightly off-topic, so I thought I'd strike whilst the iron is hot. I won the vehicle on an Ebay auction a couple of months ago, didn't pay a lot for it, and it was not sold as SAS. However it does have a lot of curious features: Winch bumper (believe Superwinch X6 is 12V). The winch is low profile and does not obstruct the radiator, important as the V8 e
  9. Thanks for accepting my registration! Should have joined this forum/group years ago! better late than never :-) Interests are: Military Vehicles, Military and Amateur radio and all that goes with these kind of hobbies! Currently own two ex military Defenders (one is FFR LHD and the other ex TA RHD) both fitted with various working Clansman equipment, one GS Lightweight in need of restoration plus one FFR Lightweight in the process of a ground up Build (Not REbuild!). PLUS !!! One AFV 439 which is about to be sold at auction !!! Details here: https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/a
  10. 1998 Wolf 110" 300tdi with full complete WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) fitted with recon engine and gearbox and transfer box. Very clean and very tidy example both internally and externally. Standard Wolf 110's are going for £10-13,000. Wmik kit would cost £3000 for gun ring (without all the assosiated parts), over £1000 for the cage if you could find one. Plus all the other parts and modifications that make up a WMIK. £1600 spent on it in last year. Have receipts New mirrors New steering bushes New seat harness New shocks all round New steering damper New brakes all
  11. As above, rebuilding my brothers FFR 90 which served in Gulf War 1. Its going sand but would like to know what they actually looked like in service (markings, equipment etc). Can find bugger all on google, plenty 110s and leafers but not so much 90s, any pictures and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Sam
  12. Dear all, My name is Jan, 21 years old and living in the Netherlands. At the moment I'm almost done with school. Last year I bought my first car, a 1977 Land Rover SIII 109 diesel. It's a Ex. Dutch military vehicle, but not a regular one. It's one out of 250 Commando vehicels. Allready did couple of jobs on the car, and try to make it 100% technical allright. So I can drive this summer! I will post on this forum my restoration progress. This is my car: All the best, Jan
  13. Hi, My Land Rover 90 has the following radio parts fitted: TUAAM box + transformer (VHF) on wing, second antenna (HF) on side mount (not usual mast), 14V radio charger, distribution box(? - on right of top pic), telescopic mast mounted horizontally above tailgate, couple of cable boxes & a jerry can holder between the front seats, seat in back tub on driver's side. A yellow sheathed cable runs from the battery to what I think is the distribution box, another from there to the charger and from there to between the front seats (cable tie wrapped). The Land Rover is a 90 fro
  14. Dear all, and especially those who served and know. What were common practices for vehicle markings for Land Rovers for a REME LAD attached to a tank unit such as 4 RTR? Did they have a tac sign on the doors? Did they ever carry the REME colours on a decal or hard plate at the front of the vehicle. Was a tac sign like a wrench or spanner used, that is how it is done over here but I dont presume anything. BAOR usage, so a Union Jack sticker front and rear? Would REME personnel wear the black coveralls of the RTR with their own cap badges in a black beret? Anything anyone
  15. Living in the West Country I often see many Royal marine vehicles of all types. Some have a blue/red square with a white number on. As can be seen on this pic of a defender above the number plate Does it represent a troop, a section ,an area etc etc I have seen many different numbers 6, 9, 14 ,1 etc Is there a definitive specific allocation or what do they represent I have wondered for years Thanks in advance for any response
  16. Hi, Greetings to all. Here is some pictures of my 1976, Land Rover 101 GS. It served with the BAOR in Europe from 1976 to 1993. Waiting for the french bureaucratic wheels to move and produce my "Carte Gris Collection" before getting it tested and out on the open road to enjoy some sunshine. Best Regards Richard
  17. Hello from Belgium I'm garden contractor near Brussels and Liège ... I like old land rover , steyr-puch haflinger , Man truck (4x4) and SNOW TRAC I'm looking for a snow trac ... Thanks a lot Pierre
  18. Hi, does anyone have a copy of AESP 2320-D-122-811, Modification Instruction No 3. I want to fit the wing reinforcement kit on my 1988 TUM GS Soft Top (Land Rover 110 2.5L NA Diesel). Any guidance would be welcome if you don't have the official instructions. Many Thanks Golf Hotel Whiskey. 42 KF 74
  19. Santa arrived early and there was a 12m Racal lightweight 1486-000 mast complete with accessory kit on his sledge. :cheesy: I have a scanned copy of the user handbook but some pages are missing. Does anybody have a spare original handbook that they would like to sell or can scan and email me a copy thereof? Also, what accessories are needed to mount this mast on a Land Rover 110 GS (TUM)? Does anybody have instructions for such an installation or any of the necessary brackets? Wishing you all a Merry Xmas, Geoff 2E0WKT golfhotelwhiskey 1988 Truck Utility Medium 12V GS
  20. Hi, I bought a Radhaz kit last year and am just getting around to fitting it in my 1988 TUM GS Soft Top. I have the bag with the fitting hardware but I am not certain where the "tophat" spacers and pop rivets are used. The kit comes without fitting instructions, which I suspect are contained in an Army handbook or supplement. Does anyone know where I can find the fitting instructions for the radhaz kit?
  21. Hi all, I'm George - and last drove in one of these beasts in early 80's in the Army/RAF Cadets. So after 30 years of wanting one, on Friday I became the delighted owner of an (almost) fully restored 1967 British Army Series 2a Land Rover. So far and many thanks to those who have already posted to HMVF forums I have fixed up the indicators and brake switch to get the vehicle road legal. Have also fixed a clutch issues and steering play all thanks to good old Google/YouTube, and folks like those on HMVF who are happy to share what they know with all the rest of us.....it make
  22. Hi Everyone. I am new to the forum as I am looking for a few pointers on purchasing an ex mod Land Rover. Any advice welcome. Regards. Neil
  23. Well, Where to start? The 90 is an ex RAF vehicle that has fallen on hard times. Yes I will post all it's info later. The injection pump is leaking, the gearbox has lost syncromesh on 2nd and 3rd, and in general the vehicle is undriveable for the most part. The degradation has been fueled by a multitude of drivers with a lack of skill on a manual gearbox and just a plain old tired engine. We took the vehicle off the road about 2 years ago and parked it awaiting time or the instruction to sort it. We have looked at putting a tdi in it but cooler heads have prevailed and the decision
  24. I have recently purchased ad registered a L/R series 3 ffr. My first project and really hoping it could be something different, rather than plain old nato green that sat around a base as a run around. I Enquired to deep cut and have a merlin print out. I thought this would tell me if she went abroad? But the only info both provide are who she served with? Can any one shed some light how i find out more? Would the report tell me if she went abroad or do i now have to delve deeper through the units and dates she was with then? I have tried typing the units into army page to see where they co
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