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Cvr( t) rotary base junction (RBJ)

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Hi guys ...
someone disassembled / repaired an RBJ from a cvr t?
any source of spare parts for electric sockets?
this RBJ clearly suffered the entrance of humidity, in some terminals it does not give continuity and / or increases the resistance to the passage of the current when it is rotated.
and a 10-pin female socket is in a very bad state





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1 hour ago, jdmcm said:

I thought I saw rebuild kits on Marcus Glenn's website...or perhaps Empire Trading in Australia



Unlikely, I’ve never seen a rebuild kit. I did have some remanufactured units a while ago but Andrew Baker bought them. They are not cheap!

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2 hours ago, jdmcm said:

Pensé que vi kits de reconstrucción en el sitio web de Marcus Glenn ... o tal vez Empire Trading en Australia



thanks John...it is possible ...Empire Trading but only announces RBJ For Chief...

Eics products, in should have the parts both completely remanufactured as individual parts ...
When I have time I will dismantle it and see how bad it is ...

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A well-spent time ... and this was on the list of pending jobs.
finally I disassembled them almost completely and proceeded to a deep cleaning by ultrasound ... also change the damaged socket and and grease the collector tracks with Stabillant 22
now there is continuity in all circuits!



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