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Unaccompanied towing


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Worth having  a search of previous threads as this subject has been discussed in depth before. If I remember correctly the towed vehicle is classed as a trailer and must  have all lights and coupled brakes as well as being within the weight limit for the towing vehicle of course.


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Hi Richard

I suppose it would depend on if the tow was to get a casualty to a place of safety or regularly move it around for convenience.

The biggest problem if it is a regular tow would be coupled brakes, its too big for over-run  brakes so it would have to be adapted or  fitted with a braking system. The documents would be "construction and use" maybe?

There are far more knowledgeable folk on this forum that could advise on what is required and where to get the info.

Hope this has not put the brakes on your  enterprise.....;-)





Sorry for going off subject somewhat.

Your question was really about how to fix an A bar to a Landy...

Surely there is a Land Rover  person who can help!

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Reading initial post again....
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