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  1. Its been stood in our yard for over 2 months and i did not know it was there will put pics and price on tomorrow
  2. Any one interested may have a martian recovery for sale
  3. Once more a big thank you to John Wardle for taking the time to supply some info. I once asked for info on Daf t244 which he duly supplied. i used this to do drawings to build a recovery vehicle. This truck has has turned out to be a little worker and goes out earning and has indeed nearly paid for its self. Since then i have lost all my drawings (change of computer) but decided due to ill health to build a scale model of the truck. Original info from Mr Wardle has certainly saved me a lot of grief going out in terrible weather to day
  4. totally agree 100% propaganda
  5. i got involved with a guy who was buying polish motor cycles from the 70s with side cars on he was painting these and distress them and selling them as WW11 my part in this was supply transport . I only found out when interview by police in a fraud case that involved a 2.5 ton gmc truck that was transported by me
  6. Sounds like typical spiel to down load a pup on a wary market
  7. 10 ton @ say £200 sounds cheap but alas lots of people think its a good investment but how many will put money where their mouth is.
  8. Basically the truck is as per cast from service. Just rear cross member and rear overhang modified to enable better lifting cap. The recovery equipment was built from 2 new hydraulic winches the rest was made from steel and parts from past builds
  9. got plenty more pics if any ones interested
  10. little ex army T244 working for a living
  11. Long time has past since i was asking for info but truck has done some work currently waiting for some modifications and me getting well enough to do them
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