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  1. nearest i can think of is austin westminster 6 potter engine was fit in morris and austin k9 dont know what models prior to that just loked at profile see you have k9 so should be easy to check
  2. to original poster my reply is going to upset someone or get me banned off HMVF site. But here goes the whole back story is a complete fabrication to pander to the naive longings of someone who wants to buy an overpriced item laid under a sheet. if you want it go buy it get a receipt.
  3. basically look at your licence to see what you can drive. Do you get reminders to renew that include a GPs form to complete
  4. my feeling is the dvla only need to know the address of the owner not where the vehicle is kept. They do this so they can keep Track and inform owner and relevent authorities when there is need to contact owner. Nobody gives a toss where the vehicle is even the insurance companies only ask is it stored in a garage not were
  5. Little tale of woe about two vehicles not Man that happened about 8 years ago. Two Turkish Iveco artics pulled into a services near to where i live for fuel and overnight stop. Their cards where not accepted for fuel so they paid cash for overnight stop. They then parked up up and got a container and sucked 25 litres out of one and put it into the other.Next morning one started up and drove away. the other would not start. local Iveco agent was called out to diagnose fault.about 6 oclock in evening we were called out to tow artic to Iveco agent 4 miles away. Prepared to tow prop of suspended
  6. apologies just trying to find a picture to put on and remembered it was a morris MRA1 i put the twin wheels on. Could not find pictures either
  7. i can vouch for above statement i put a set of twin wheels of a commer artic on mine believe 10.50 x20 rolling radius was roughly the same no problem with transmission wind up. but sheared n/s half shaft twice and wrecked diff once in a year. But that was probably due to some of the insane jobs we tried to do with it on recovery
  8. You Have in a very arse about face way answered the original posters question. No as a vehicle collector you aint got a cat in hells chance of owning and running an ex army man unless you have a degree in computer science and at least £1500 in equipment and some contacts to people in the Know. One question If i bought a 4*4 man ex Mod could i strip it out and make it run turn of key with out out paying my life savings to Rhienmettall
  9. to the rear of cab n/s next to master switch you have to take steel battry box lid of to get at battries
  10. Bit more fuel on the fire I am willing to accept this is a Diamond T and the illusion at the front end is caused by shadow camera angle etc. Indeed i think it is the only answer. So you guys out there have identified the tank i believe. So could this have been a private civilian company picking up a tank to take it to the North east were many where cut up. i know many of the civilian used cobbled up trailers made from ex mod parts
  11. from memory 40 yrs ago when i owned a civilian crusader it was the same cylinder as fitted to a land rover dont know which one. about 3 years ago seals went on our Foden EKA i went to a local dealer in ex mod landrovers he passed me a cardboard box full of rubber seals told me to pick which i wanted. and leave something in tea box. all where landrover master cylinder/slave seals and dust covers
  12. couple of more suggestions. How about Scammell 100 or one of those six wheeler Guy artillery tractors
  13. think you will agree its an antar its the date thats wrong
  14. 100% that truck is not a diamond T indeed if i would go for Antar i question the date
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