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HI from Gerald Greatrix


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Hi Everbody

My name is Gerald & I live in Lincolnshire my vehicle is a Land Rover 110 V8 G.S. mil reg 16KJ42 ex R.A. Germany plugs I have a display of clansman radio's plus some racal HF sets wich I use on air as I'm a radio ham callsign G7HNM.

Safariswing: I have sent you a pm(I hope) about the Bunker Bash 2008.

Regards Gerald

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I refer you to Snapper's statement (Re: Budge Up, Aug 21st) which suggested that all newcomers were given cleaning duties.


I had noticed that since I was put washroom duty nobody else had been given it, so I was stuck with it 'till I had enough and threw the mop out of my pram. Only THEN did he allocate the task to a new member.


Not that I want to make this official or anything, I'm just saying, you know.... oh crickey......... :shake:



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welcome Gerald to the mv clubhouse of the world. ABN Deuce will inform you of how to clean the Clubhouse from top to bottom - he has it off to a fine art!


nd what a great picture - can't believe that it was taken at 23:30 - what shutter speed did you use???

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