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You are missing the power distribution box and the instrument panel. The diesel instrument panel has a number of differences to the petrol one, but the distribution box is common to both.


Your best would be to contact Andrew Baker of the Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society. He is away in Africa at the moment but will likely be able to help you with parts if you turn up at his shed with some cash.


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Hello, yes it was, I went to £8k to see what the reserve was. But then had second thoughts about why it was cannibalized in the first place. Withams couldn't/wouldn't say why it was taken out of service.

There could have been gearbox problems, although DB gearboxes have a tremendous historical legacy. 

The engine wouldn't have been a problem as the 6BT Cummins are good for 500,000 miles without a major overhaul. And s/hand units  being plentiful at the moment, although I am not sure how long that will go on for.  As it is a very popular transplant/conversion engine for tractors & landrovers etc. 

So anyway, I am still on the look out for an interesting tracked vehicle to add to my tyred collection military trucks. Is there anything intersting for sale out there?

Regards Gary 

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