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  1. my place and it was a chieftain mk10
  2. is that the junk that was on withams auction ? rob dove is your mans for bits he has an advert now an then on milweb
  3. wanted M54 reo must be a whistler
  4. cheers for that dale would be great
  5. had confirmation today that its a vickers/bae conversion ten a penny ? everyone seems to want crazy money for them now (not that they are selling)
  6. ​it wasnt converted until 1990 if thats any help been told it was a vickers conversion by a few
  7. yeah mine was a mbt got all the history with it that's a totally different conversion to what mine is that willich one
  8. ​the plan is to convert it back to a mbt in time
  9. were you viewing to buy it there ?
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