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CVRT Scimitar indicator switch question


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I am working on a Scimitar, my first experience with a CVRT. The indicator switch (turn signal switch in Canada) felt soggy, as if something had broken inside. I pulled the switch apart, found the plastic stop pin had broken off and repaired it. However, I saw no sign of a 10 second timer in the switch. I was looking for a timer because the manual indicates the switch is spring-return and there is a timer somewhere that keeps the signals flashing for 10 seconds after momentary switch contact.

I now find the switch stays on when turned to the stop each way, so the indicators flash as long as the switch is on. 

I pulled the flasher unit and from the Hella part number, it just seems to be a standard unit, with no timer feature, as far as I can see.

This is an upgraded Scimitar with the Cummins diesel. How are the turn signals supposed to work? Is there a timer? 



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Hi if the switch is the same as in the jag petrol cvrt sabre then there is a sprung loaded piston in the cylinder behind the operating lever.

when you move lever to indicate left or right it moves the piston against the spring which then returns slowly this is the timer part.

there is a small screw in the raised centre of the cylinder that adjusts air flow in to the cylinder,which is how you adjust how long the piston returns to its start position (indicators off).

on mine the piston was returning quickly as piston felt was dry used light oil on the felt and all was good again,did buy new switch in case but not needed as still working ok.

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The switch is pneumatic.

In  the event that  the oil fix doesn't work a new  leather seal can be made from a disc of 1.2 mm thick  leather, after drilling out the rivet in the centre of the piston and replacing with a small screw and nut.

Nominally its a 10 second delay but that may not be on both right and left. - it's a bit of a hit/miss affair regarding timing.


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