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Centurion tachometer


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Not a bad day today so started the Cent without any problem but noticed the tachometer isn't working. I've read all the stuff I can find and it seems that it's just a simple voltmeter connected to a tachometer generator on the front of B (right) bank of the Meteor. Everything else is working.

I'm guessing it's just a loose connection but can't spot the tachometer generator from the top of the engine bay and not too sure which wires to fiddle with on the driver's panel (although if push comes to shove I'll pull that apart) so I'm a bit lost!

Anyone know how to find/check the tachometer generator end of things, and how to check the tachometer itself? (Bearing in mind that my knowledge of the black art of electrics is pretty basic).



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Thanks Adrian, that's great.

Trawled through the manuals again last night and found a reference to a junction box in the turret, so I'll try testing at that point first, when i get back to the shed. Should show which end of the system is playing up (or maybe hopefully just a bad connection at the junction box).


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A bit of light relief!

Checked the voltage of the tachometer terminals (bottom 2)at the drivers panel: nothing.


Hit my head crawling around in the fighting compartment but found the junction box on the hull side beside the Commanders seat pedestal


Lid off and checked voltage at the Tachometer Generator terminals (2nd and 3rd bottom from left): nothing



So rotated the gun to the left to get at the bulkhead panel (the panel above it is the aux gen control)


Off with the panel and...


If you have a keen eye you'll spot the loose cable hanging down on the left





tacho 1.jpg

tacho 2.jpg

tacho 3.jpg

tacho 4.jpg

tacho 6.jpg

tacho 5.jpg

tacho 7.jpg

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