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  1. Hi Peter Not sure if your question was aimed at me, but yes, I unbolted the electrical stuff on the right side (looking towards the rear) to move it out of the way. Taking the tank out wasn't difficult. The mounting brackets all broke or were already broken, and needed fixing (vulcanised). Someone suggested drilling a hole and putting a bolt through them but didn't do that - might be a reasonable idea but you'd need to grind the head of the bolt down flat to fit (you'll figure out what I mean when you take the tank out). I also considered an electrical fuel pump but in the end just l
  2. Back to the Saladin, and now that the engine doesn't look disgusting I've had a look and have/will solve the hydraulic pump problem! The NOS Saracen pump has 1 belt and the Saladin 2 (pic of Sal pump above). The pulley on the Saracen crankshaft has the right setup with 2 belts for the generator and one for the pump. Saracen Saladin (only one belt on generator at the moment) The other skinny belts for the water pump (top) and fans all run off the Saladin PTO (bottom right) and aren't connected to the crankshaft pulley at all.
  3. Thanks David. I'm comfortable driving LHD cars over here but the HMMWV is a different kettle of fish. It is sooo wide that you need to drive on the left kerb, particularly on narrow roads, and any lapse of concentration risks drifting the right side (which is hard to judge) into oncoming traffic. My concern is that I'm tarting it up so SHMBO and the kids can also drive it, so for safety's sake I think RHD will be best for this particular vehicle. Cheers, James
  4. Thanks for the offer. Main question is why people in the US are so slack in replying to emails! I've researched the HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle but apparently a.k.a. High Maintenance Money Wasting Vehicle) and plan to insert a Duramax 6.7l turbo diesel with 6 speed Allison transmission (two overdrive gears to keep revs down). Will need a bit of fettling to make right hand drive and some air con. Should be fun but I'm not holding my breath getting the stuff imported. (Not sure if this is a project that's in the domain of HMVF so apologies if everyone's eyes are glazing ov
  5. The engine has arrived! Has had just about everything replaced: would have been cheaper to get a NOS but I'm happy that it's been salvaged. The pistons were seized, head needed a shave, sump rotted out, several teeth rusted off the flywheel, carbie and fuel pump full of crud, etc, etc, etc, etc! But now it's alive again. I've started it and ran it for a minute or two (no radiator so couldn't run it for long). Sounds great but don't think I can post a video on here, so just a pic. Now, the only thing keeping me away from the shed is the cold. Next challenge will be to get the (single) pull
  6. Doesn't time fly! Still waiting for the engine - had a call that it was almost ready and would be delivered "next week" but that was some weeks ago, so maybe soon... Haven't done anything on the poor thing for a while now. Reckon I need the engine back to get me motivated again. In the meantime have decided to up-engine the HMMWV to give it (a lot) more beans. This also waits on stuff being delivered (from US) but should be a fun project and reasonably simple. Went to John Bellfield's Tank Museum today. At the age of 87 he has decided to sell some of his stuff. Fantastic what he has
  7. Was interesting and very nearly did my head in! Wasn't going to bore people with the gory details but since you asked... Put it all back together and started it up in the shed; ran for around 20 min without any dramas so thought "job done". Then started it the next day to take it out and it played up royally - wouldn't start then ran very lumpily with smoke pouring out the exhaust and gradually died. So assumed the worst (head gasket) and considered taking it down to the valley for burial. Really couldn't face mucking around with it anymore, so got a friend (mechanic) to see if he was int
  8. Ah well... hope this is the end of the saga! On a whim I decided to replace the hose from the bottom of the radiator. Didn't look bad and I was in two minds because it's awkward getting the hose clamps off, but thought I might as well. Pulled the hose of and this dropped out of the hose: A metal disc that is almost exactly the size of the hose! Which neatly explains why there was no water circulating from the radiator (not helped by the absence of the thermostat). I have absolutely no idea what it is (unfortunately doesn't seem to be a valuable roman coin) or how it came to be
  9. Thanks Andy. As you said, the thermostat housing has a bypass that is open when the thermostat is closed, and closed when thermo is open. Ist schematic scribble shows thermostat closed. The hatched "plugs are connected so when one moves the other does as well. With the thermostat closed, water recirculates through the engine block back to the pump and then back to the engine, with the radiator outlet blocked off. When the thermostat opens (rises) it pulls up the bottom plug and blocks off the bypass, so water goes from pump to engine then out to radiator and back to pump.
  10. Sorry fadedsun, just spotted your post. No recent progress on the Saladin. I've been sadly distracted - one of the joys of MVs and life! The Saladin is on its 6 wheels and parked nose in to side of shed. Engine is off getting restored. Got a NOS Saracen hydraulic pump that has a single pulley and I need to change that to the double pulley for the Saladin, or change the whole pulley set up to the Saracen type (but that would waste the Saladin PTO). Think it's doable but haven't quite got around to it yet. Soon... SHMBO then decreed I "tidy up the shed, or else
  11. Thanks guys I've sent the radiator off for checking and have ordered a new pump and thermostat, so we'll see how it goes. Will also flush the block.
  12. Still a dilemma! Got the pump off and took the back off it but really can't see anything wrong. The impeller is in place and it spins without making any noise. No broken bits to see. (Also worked out how the adjustable pulleys work, once the belts were off - they are threaded together independently of the threads on the shaft, which are used just to line up the belts and pulleys). Now I'm really stuck! I'll replace the back on the pump and see if I can test it off the engine by spinning it e.g. with an electric drill. If it pumps then maybe the inter
  13. That has to be the weirdest way to adjust fan belts! The Saladin has a jockey pulley and it's obvious how that works, however it's not clear how spinning the Saracen pulleys (sheaves - thanks Lowfat) to the rear along their threads loosens the belts - I can only assume that the fan axles are not parallel? Anyway, it does and I've got the belts off ( I hear your applause and a few groans). My next dumb question: how do you remove the fan assembly? There are two bolts at either side and at the bottom there seem to be just a couple of pins, so it should just lift off. However there is
  14. Hi Richard I just thought you were brief and to the point! I take your point that the pump might be blocking something and will take it out, although I might need a bit of hand-holding with this. I've sourced a NOS pump. The front armour and radiator are off. Do I need to remove the fan assembly or can the pump be removed without doing this? Will have a look tomorrow to see where (what) the belt adjusting pulleys are. No idea what the sheaves are but might be obvious when I look. Sorry but this process might involve more cries for help. Cheers James
  15. OK.. Removed the radiator and it needs a bit of a service but not too bad. Connected the electric pump (which is leaking) to the bottom hose and got 5 litres out the top pipe in 30sec, which is probably correct for that pump, though a bit light on for the engine, probably. Then ran the engine with the same set up for a minute but nothing out the top, so it is the water pump that's shot. Can't find the flow rate expected with the mechanical pump and would be interested if anyone knows. What to do now? If I remove the water pump it will be a saga and I don't know if or how it could be repai
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