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  1. There is a arrow on the end anti clockwise is left hand
  2. Hi all on the hunt for 2 engine side fv432 torsion bars and be willing to help send to Australia cheers
  3. Remove the bulkhead and it's easy to get to. they do have a habit of sheering off the gears I got a couple of spares if you need I also have all the wiring diagrams the wires will be marked cheers adrian
  4. I can find the parts you need , I aso do a conversion to run modern leads and plugs and electronic ignition
  5. I think I know where one is , dO you have strv 104 final drives ?
  6. No mounts for track on the front think it's the mk2 with the large NBC external box has a provision to mount 2 or more spare links on top of the box
  7. Hi all On the hunt for the drivers main isolator box and the cables that goes into it , my 432 2/1 suffered a massive internal electrical fire in the box and melted the crap out of it and the cables going out also, Can anyone help ? Cheers
  8. ok so I took out the dlb and found 12b wire inside burn out and the 12b wire in the group that runs from dlb to the isolator. other than that nothing else I could see was wrong .any ideas ? cheers
  9. thanks for that it only stays on once the start button is pressed . I am going to pull the dlb today and have a look
  10. Hi all I went to slave start my 432 2/1 today the same as every other time the bats are low . I put the slave lead on as per usual and started her up no dramas . I then noticed the lights dim and the amp gauge go to full . I tried to turn it off with no luck . Hit emergency stop and she stopped . What I did hear is the starter still running hence the high amp reading . I put some fresh batteries in and turned the master on and everything was normal then went to start it and the starter stayed on again .same thing Killed the motor and started to have a look found the earth lead to the main
  11. Yeah mate its from the aux gen but does run the same components with a few extras cheers
  12. yeah mate I have . he has them but I cant justify the price he wants for one so I thought I would ask over seas cheers
  13. Hi all my cent decided it would be fun and burn out the main engine alternator voltage control system box cav type 155-6x . Anyone know where I can source one? Cheers
  14. sorry mate you will not be allowed onto the base .the raac museum is shut to civs due to oz raising their security level .there wa a event I was going to and it all got shut down
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