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Dunkelgelb - UK sources ?

Steve 82

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Hi all,


Has anyone in the UK (or elsewhere) used the company `War-paint` for Wehrmacht colours - and in particular Dunkelgelb ?


I have heard no feedback on its success and, since I am uncertain which period their paint reflects (the shade differed throughout the War), then I would appreciate any feedback.




Steve 82

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Steve I think 'War Paint' is the name of the paint supplied by RR Services:-



But I bought my Dunkelgelb ('Firwood' brand) from 'Jeep Parts UK' I used it on a British bike because I liked the stone colour instead of the primrose yellow that they seem to want to supply as a British desert colour. It was very nice to use. Ron

3HW 243.jpg

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I've not had the particular paint you are looking for but I have used Warpaint in the past . I found them to be very helpful and friendly . They mixed me a batch of paint to match a sample of the old paint on my vehicle which I sent them and turned out a perfect match . It would be worth a phone call to discuss your needs and I would imagine they will be able to help you out .

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Finally plummed for Warpaint.


Provided them with a sample of late war Dunkelgelb and they came-up-trumps - even down to the level of matting agent.


I will certainly be using them for future resprays of my collection and, would not hesitate to recommend them.


Thanks for all comments,





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Hi Rick,


The quick answer is - no, I do not have the code details - as mentioned I provided a swatch to `Warpaint` for copying. The level of sheen is Matt.



The slightly longer answer -


From my limited research of the colour as applied to the VW82, the only conclusion I have been able to draw is the apparent variety of shade applied at the factory through the war ! There was indeed a RAL code (RAL 7025 I think ?) but, since the wartime military colours were changed after the war, we cannot provide that to the paint mixer either.


For what its worth, my subjective comparison of the colour from different vehicle parts that were protected from sunlight (insides of headlights etc) has led me to observe a gradual change from a deep yellow colour early-on to a more grey colour - particularly in 1945. In all instances, the colours were a very dense solid colour


I do have the pigment mix proportions of a batch I hade made up from a lighter version in cellulose, but would personally go from a batch made from copying a suitably dated example.


My swatch for the recent batch was provided to me by a company in Prague specialising in all models of Kubelwagen (VW82). The colour was derived by them from original parts from correct period vehicles. I have confirmed it by comparing with examples I have either obtained or seen on friends vehicles.


With regards level of matting, `Warpaint` produce their paints in matt, satin and gloss - all of which are quite different. I find a level of matting somewhere between matt and satin may sometimes be required and, for this you have to experiment in small quantities to achieve the result.


Anyway, hope this above gives you some idea of the issues.


PM me if you need to discuss more,





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