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  1. Looks amazing Steve, a lot of inspiration for me here for mine. 😀
  2. Has anyone tried the modern style clutch assembly for the Jeep from Joe's Motor Pool. I would appreciate any comments if so. Thanks Rick
  3. Hi Martin, I sent you a message regarding box. Rick
  4. Hi Martin The LHS tool box had a cutout section to allow the pedal arm to move freely, I have one somewhere in my garage I can sell you if needed, the outer lid needs straightening but still useable. I'll have a look this weekend if you're interested. Rick
  5. Thanks Jerry for the info and pictures of the exhausts.
  6. Hi Jerry, Who did you speak to about the deep mud exhaust, is there a UK stockist? Rgds Rick
  7. Dallas have replacement bushes for the hangars to weld in. They sold me some recently.
  8. Hi Gary Hitchcocks do repro ones with all the attachment parts as well. Rgds Rick
  9. Very nice Ron, as you are aware we are starting another WDCO project down here so you've given us a benchmark standard to match. Rick
  10. May I suggest this would be better in the future events section.
  11. I fitted 325x19 Ensign Universal to my CO from Vintage Tyres. Rides well on them.
  12. Tyres could do with a little more air.
  13. Try this https://www.states-plates.com I got one for a Harley we did, looks really good. I think it was the 7" size but depends on what you need on it.
  14. Hi Steve Would you be able to state the paint code/data that you purchased, is it a matt or satin finish? Thanks Rick
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