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  1. Hi Gary Hitchcocks do repro ones with all the attachment parts as well. Rgds Rick
  2. Very nice Ron, as you are aware we are starting another WDCO project down here so you've given us a benchmark standard to match. Rick
  3. May I suggest this would be better in the future events section.
  4. I fitted 325x19 Ensign Universal to my CO from Vintage Tyres. Rides well on them.
  5. Tyres could do with a little more air.
  6. Try this https://www.states-plates.com I got one for a Harley we did, looks really good. I think it was the 7" size but depends on what you need on it.
  7. Hi Simon Thanks for the info, I've dealt with them before. It's going to look awesome in that colour. I have a long way to go with the bits I have but always up for a challenge. Regards Rick
  8. Hi Simon, Do you mind if I ask you where you got the paint from, hopefully going to start my CO project soon. Rick
  9. Regarding the Mirus Battery, there is some information on firing in the book "Mirus The Making of a Battery" by Colin Partridge and John Wallbridge. Will try to ask around for more info.
  10. err..ermm...yes bit of a sore subject and as for the rugby don't even go there:embarrassed:
  11. Against a Jerseyman.............never;)
  12. Hi Ray, been meaning to join this forum since then but could never seem to get round to it. Yes it was good to meet you guys from the North Staffs, that was quite a week, shame it could have been a bit warmer. Hope to do a big one again in 2015. Like yourself my bike still had wet paint on it that week but it made it through. Say hello to the guys up there from us on the rock. Rick
  13. Hi all Am new to this forum so had better intruduce myself. Am based in Guernsey, Channel Islands, those of you who ventured there for the liberation celebrations in 2010 probably bumped into me, probably in the bar.:-D Rick (GSYBSA)
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