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Militants in Action


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Militant Graham and friends were working during the show bringing back a tank (name escapes me) that had just been purchased from Rex Cadman, managed to get a couple of shots on my phone, really impressed with the power of these vehicles as at one time the milly pushing was up on its back wheels, very very impressive.




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Why put a Cummins in it when the meteor sounds so good?! It'll be nice to see it driving again though. It's been sitting around the Hop Farm since at least 2002. I know Rex has a Conqurer too... is that for sale? Now that would be a good project!



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As part of the cent moving crew, i doubt it will be ready for WP2008. :roll:

The engine swap is on the cards as the current engine is probably beyond saving and Dave likes diesels.

It was impressive to move such a big beast through the site, Dave brought the low loader but it rolled so easy we decided to carry on with the Militants as it was safer than winching it on with everyone watching and it was getting dark.

You can just spot Grumpy in his Militant pushing, Simon Stolly in the Turret, Graham in his Militant pulling and i am stood on the back of Grahams militant.

Also a big thank you goes to Graham who acted as runner in front clearing cars and people who thought it was a good idea to stand in front 90 plus tons of rolling road block! :-o




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Here's a series of shots of the boys making their way past our camp with their 'medium recovery' job. We were very impressed to see Grumpy's Milly (rear one) with it's front wheels on opposite lock pushing the rear end of the Cent sideways to clear the vehicles parked on the corner!

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