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Require a collection from Suffolk/ Essex border area. To Ashford Kent. 3 Ton Truck (Small)


Anyone coming down from 'Oop North' empty & need a return/ back load?


All the 'Usual' Recommended Hauliers on here tried. But no one is in the area over the next week or so.


Not urgent, but the sooner the better if Possible!


I need this to complete the 'Final Phase' of my Trucks Story!....;)


Thanking You, one & all. Mike.

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If it's any help I could keep it at my place for a short time Mike .


Hiya Dave! Storage is not the problem at present Buddy. It's hauling it back down to my place that is!


I have a list from approved hauliers, that members have kindly forwarded to Me. After the 'Painful' saga explained on here in a Previous thread by Me.

So Far.....all are Nil Result. Due to no one being in that area over the next foreseeable couple/ few weeks! :(


So........If anyone has any MORE recommendations on vehicle transportation. I am eager to receive them please.


Many Thanks in advance,



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Mission completed!


Truck was delivered here at home yesterday afternoon. Now I can move forward with the business

of getting her registered in time. For W&P!....


Thanks to all on here for forwarding required information.


In the end amazingly, a haulier was sourced not 100 yds from the trucks then present location! :shocked:


It Transpired the Guy whom I spoke to on the phone, & organised the delivery.

Was also Ex R.E.M.E ! so it is indeed true, the Corp's unofficial maxim of:

'We look after our Own' is very true indeed!


The price was absolutely amazing, & lower than anyone recommended on here. Could do the trip for,

Either way!


Sadly, I am not at liberty to publish the details of this particular Haulier. As it was obvious to Me, that it

Was executed at 'Mates Rate's'!....For which I am extremely Grateful. :tup::

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