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Rear Lights for AB Trailer

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Does anyone know of a source for the rear lights used on the AB trailer.


If I am correct they were :


Tail Lamp Lucas Type T1A


Axle Flood Lamp Lucas Type AF1


I might find some at W+P in July, but thought you guys wld know of any dealers or trailer geeks with a surplus.




David H



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Hello David,


The lucas Axle floodlamp is near impossible to find, only ever saw a couple, also used on Loyd carriers and Norton Big 4's I did find one after years of searching, but it was not easy!!!


Much more common are the Butler axle floodlights, you see them around, Dirk Leegwater in Holland might still have some NOS ones.


The taillamp I have no pictures off, can you post some please?


Hope this helps,


Lex Schmidt

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I think nearly all vehicles had the axle flood lamp facility. As Lex said the Lucas flood lamps are hard to find, but you can still often find the Butler ones NOS, like this one for my Tilly. I think this Lucas tail lamp might have come from Adrian?? They are usually coupled by a Bakelite junction box and change over switch, which again still seem available NOS. Ron

Tilly 09 042.jpg

Morris PU 84 021.jpg

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Hi and thanks to everyone for replying.


I have several of the larger floodlamps (Butler) but after looking at the pics I realise that I also actually do seem to have a couple of the Lucas floodlamps. That is I have 2 of the lamp bases with brackets and bulb fittings (which I need), and 2 of the longer tubes with a sort of baffle halfway down and a smaller hole in the middle (2 of which I do not need). Here it is.






So if anyone wants one of these and can do a swap for the shorter tube with the red plastic to act as a normal rearlight then please contact me.

Or if anyone wants a Butler and can do a swap for a complete Lucas rearlight then pls contact me.


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