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Unimog 404


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A friend has just bought a 404 mog, Its been stood a while and will need some work to get it running again. I have been doing some internet searches and found some technical drawings but due to the downpour the over the last few days and the dark nights we havent had much time to actually look at it in the yard. So basically any info on these is welcome and if some one could explain the function of some of the controls as i have a cab layout diagram but its in German. :D

Also what shape gate does the gearbox have? the biggest lever in the cab (with a cranked end) i guess is the gear lever but it only seems to have 3 positions, one is netural but its a six speed box? I guess something has seized? :(

Hope to get it indoors over the weekend and have a better look at it.




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Hi Jon

A friend of mine has got a 404 which I have driven once.

From what I remember the main gear lever has got 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. Pulling it all the way to the left puts it in low range from where it is only possible to get 1st, 2nd and reverse, giving 6 forward and 2 reverse gears in all.


This should be a good place to ask for help.


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Got some pictures but they are his mobile phone, will post some when i get copies from him.

:mrgreen: Graham, Cheers that makes sense. I guess its stuck in low at the moment now? Trying to make sense of the different levers as none have any markings. Any idea what the stubby lever nearest the passenger does then? Thats the only other thing that will move. :roll: Hand brake lever is solid and the one next to that is solid too i think that selects 2wd 4wd then diff locks?


I wish it would stop raining, i want to play!



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