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10 cwt trailer draw bar help


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Hi all, does anyone have a picture of the inside of the draw bar channel, I'm making one for my trailer but I'm not too sure how the hand brake ratchet plate attaches on the inside??





A difficult part to photograph. Only one of any use is attached, from 100's of photos I have.


Do you have the ratchet plate? I have a short section of chassis rail for sale from a scapped trailer, with plate still attached So perfect to copy and re-use the plate.


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Hi John, thanks for the picture it all helps! It's a bit like a ship in the bottle set up.


yes I've got the ratchet plate and the handle.


i wouldn't mind the spare section you've got, drop me a line with a price.


best regards



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Hi Simon, is there any way you can get a few measurements for me please.


  • Distance the plate is from the top rail
  • length of plate
  • length of the cut out that the handbrake lever sits in

Best regards



Just sent you a pm with dimensions. Here are some pictures of the rusted original section I kept to remind myself of the state it was in



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