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Incredible WW2 auction in France


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Here is the story. Hard times, local opposition and a planned early retirement:




With the exchange rate what it is I do not see much of this coming to the UK.

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wow, what a tremendous loss to have all those things scattered. Can you imagine how many thousands of hours were spent gathering all those small things and setting them up in dioramas? I've never seen that anywhere before to that extent, where every vehicle and display wasn't just sitting there but painstakingly built up to give you a little glimpse of what the soldiers saw. My goodness there's even walls and parts of buildings


Hopefully the bulk of it will go to a single collector who can re-create some of it (small chance I know)


Looks like the PzIV is already gone too?

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the PZ IV was on loan.



An impressive collection and well displayed too, but it sounds like they've not put up much of a fight to keep the doors open :(



I don't know all the details, but I certainly couldn't see myself fighting a municipality either 20 years from now when retirement is the other option. Not to mention that the location appears to be too far outside the flow of tourist dollars. Sometimes the chips are stacked against you just a little too high.


I hope serious and dedicated collectors snap it all up though. It will be interesting to see where it ends up, some of it looks really unique and would be even harder to assemble today then it was the first time around.

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