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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a WW2 era Bulldozer to go on my Trailer for shows and for a heritage steam railway 1940's weekend next year. It has to be about D2 / D4 sized, Caterpillar, International or Allis Chalmbers or any other make. It has to have a blade and whilst I don't mind some restoration or painting I don't want a basket case to restore (I have too many of them all ready !!). Can anybody help please, thanks.
  2. Thanks both. It was the Hydravac itself that was faulty. I took the unit off and took the regulator valve off the back, the insides were full of grease and this appeared as well as other things to have blocked up the air bleed in the valve casing. The vehicle was a french rebuild, stored for many years until I bought it. After I did some miles the brakes got worse so it looks like the grease inside gummed it up and kept the brakes on as soon as there was vacuum pressure. I took the safest route and got a newly rebuilt unit and replaced it rather than risk just cleaning out the unit.
  3. I've left my GMC CCKW 353 standing over the winter and now find the brakes lock on with the engine running, but release when its not. The brakes have a nice amount of travel without the engine running, start the engine and after the first brake application the brakes lock on, the pedal goes very hard with no movement. They stay on and only releases after I stop the engine when the vacuum dies down and the pedal then has travel again. I suspect the Hydravac system but can't work out what the likely cause is. Can the relay valve stick some how on the end of the hrydravac ? If so how do I test it
  4. Sadly I think rambo1969 is correct. I’m organising a 1940’s Weekend on the West Somerset Railway on September 15/16 this year. I placed a post here and we also opened a Facebook page ‘WSR Forties Weekend 2018’. I asked for people to come and display both civilian and military and for vehicles to be put on a military train on both. Here we had no replies and no feedback even though I reposted again, on Facebook we have now 515 people who asked to join and many are posting and filling out the application form. I see the same with other forums as well so it’s not just here. It appears to be
  5. Wanted. I'm looking for a rear cargo body to fit my Diamond T, they are the same size I'm been told as a Reo M35. Does anybody have any info or leads that would be great, thanks in advance. Andy
  6. As an update to my previous post regarding a Military Train and Event on the West Somerset Railway during the WSR’s Spring Gala on 22-25 March 2018 I have a bit of an update. We will now be holding two Military events during 2018. The first on the 22-25 March 2018 is now being held at Minehead Station not Bishops Lydeard as previously planned. The second will be a full dedicated WSR 1940’s weekend held on the 15-16th September 2018. Both events will feature the military train and both events will be held at Minehead with the September event also having some of the event & displays at
  7. As well as a Military Vehicle Collector I’m also a Volunteer Fireman on the West Somerset Railway in Somerset. I’ve been asked by the West Somerset Railway Gala Team to help organise a military freight train loaded with WW2 vehicles and a static display of military vehicles, displays and reenactors at Bishops Lydeard station as a part of their usual Spring Gala on 22-25th March 2018. The WSR will have an American S160 2-8-0 freight loco available to pull the train, these engines were made in the USA and shipped to England and Europe as a part of the war effort in the run up to and after D-Day.
  8. Maurice. I haven't found a list of chassis numbers and build dates so have the same issue for mine. The only indications I know of are the hard cab/soft cab date change. Has he found the chassis number stamped in the chassis on the rear ?
  9. Thanks for this, but the listing is just for the poles not the corner/straight connectors, they don't have corner connectors but have some straight connectors on their web-site but with postage they are £20 each which seems very dear. I've also tried Anchor Supplies as well, they usually have connectors & corners at £10 each which is much more reasonable but don't currently have either.
  10. Does anybody have any spare 9 x 9 tent frame parts? I managed to lose a straight joiner and corner piece when packing up quickly in the rain so looking for either/both or I would buy a complete frame or a bundle of bits if that’s what somebody has and wants to sell them all together. Thanks in advance.
  11. Its something that I've commented on before on another thread here. It usually means the seller wants to tell you how rare it is, how few there are for sale, you will never find another one, you had better buy it, its fully restored, it has never let him down and it was used on D-Day by the paratroopers/airborne before he then tells you its twice the price of any other one on the market but its worth every penny. The reality is usually it was painted 30 years ago, the tyres are old and cracked, it has lots missing and its not turned a wheel for years. Its simple, if people don't price
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