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Ww2 British Vehicle Fuel system


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I'm just plumbing the fuel system on the Morris PU.


I have noticed that there are two different threads used, on all the pipe ends, tank selector cock and fuel filter the mail threads are all the same, quite a course thread, however on the two outlets on the Autovac unit the threads are the same size but a finer thread?


Is this the norm, or are the two outlets in my Autovac wrong ? ( this assembly was missing when I got the truck)







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JULES the set up shown is correct and yes those two threads are finer than the others


Thanks guys,


yes, i think i know the set up, the top right pipe from the Autovac goes to the induction manifold, the top left to the fuel cock ( connected), then the bottom pipe from the Autovac goes to the fuel filter then the Carb.


my problem is, i need one more fine threaded female connector to go on the induction pipe so it can screw onto the Autovac ?


any ideas ?


thanks for your help



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