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K9 Markings


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Im at the stage with my Austin K9 Truck where I need some expert help with the markings that would have been on the truck during the 1950s, I was hoping to put the Middlesex Regiment colours on it with any other Crests it would of had.

Ive put a canvas back on it so would have been used for cargo or troop carrying,

Hope somebody could point me in the right direction



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Probably not much use to you but I painted the markings on the K9 of No. 2 Intelligence Platoon, early in 1960.

On one front wing was a white "1" on a square black background and on the other wing was the formation sign of 2 Inf Bde Gp being two red diamonds on a white background - all within a shield -I think - it was a long time ago!


I used sellotape to get nice straight edges on the square - and when I took the tape off, it took the green paint on the wing with it!

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