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bedford mwd tailboard capping

Danny P

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Can someone tell me how the capping on the very outsides of the tailboard is fitted? From behind most bedfords look like the capping has the full height of the tailboard which would mean that either the capping is behind the top angle iron at the inside of the truck or the capping is shorter at the inside to fit the angle iron properly to the tailboard? I don't know if it is correct at my truck.





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Here is some pictures of what I think is a Bedford MW body I found for a friend here in Denmark

My word that is some find ,I can not believe just how clean and original it is .......Lucky chap your friend .Can't help but ask ,although off the topic .......I to am looking for such a body for my WOT 2 restoration ,could I be so bold as to request some more pictures with some measurements please via a "pm",as I have pretty much resigned myself to having to build one now .I do so hope you won't be offended by my boldness in asking ???

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