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Tracked CMP Question


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As I explained to the old guy taking the photos (as I was standing next to him at the time), it is a (bad) copy of a prototype built by the Australian Army during WW2. They discovered the same problem with them that the builder of this one did; the wheelbase is too short and it can't turn a corner to save its life.


I personally feel that while it is an interesting vehicle, it shouldn't be at the museum, but there are some politics at play there and it probably won't be going anywhere any time soon.


it's currently getting painted and some minor repairs done by some school kids.




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.... it is a (bad) copy of a prototype built by the Australian Army during WW2. Terry


I'm a bit puzzled about the bad in there Terry ? The late Bob Moseley made it from actual drawings of a prototype made by General Motors Holden. He did intend to finish the cargo body and so on but never did because of his untimely death.


Full story is on MLU;


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The original design had its merits, but due to the short distance between front axle and tracks it could have been perfected by having individual brakes on the bogie drive axle, which were linked to the steering linkage. This way it would have had better steering control. I followed the build on MLU and agree with Gordon, a good effort to replicate an experimental vehicle. Similar was done in Britain with a Bedford QL.

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It's a bad copy, because of the quality of the work.


That comment is going to make a few people disappointed with your thoughts. Those involved with the build are members of both MLU and HMVF and are known for their quality work. I know those involved and as Richard says, it is a good copy of an experimental vehicle constructed during WWII in Australia. The untimely death of Bob M., in the most terrible circumstances, meant that it was not completed. The SA Museum is lucky to have it to show what was being dreamed up in a difficult time.


Regards Rick.

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