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British WW2 vehicle markings.

Ian L

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I get all mine from:- http://www.axholmesigns.co.uk/ You need to quote what vehicle and markings and locations for a more concise answer to sizes. Ron



Cheers Ron just had a look on their site, loads to choose from.


I now need to decide what my Austin K5 is going to represent ?


Also I notice they do magnetic signs but worried they might look 'tacky & cheep' ? rather than stencils

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I couldn't bring myself to use stickers or magnetics. I've done loads now with the low tack stencils and rattle cans. With care you can even cope with the double curvature of motorcycle tanks. Ron

Tilly 09 001.jpg

Big 4 238.jpg

C10 083.jpg

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The 1943 regulations do not seem to specify a size for the divisional sign but indicate that the AoS square should be approx 81/2" by 91/2" - although everything seems to be sized to fit the available space anyway.


Can thoroughly recommend Axholme. I've found Humbrol model paint is perfectly durable for the markings and tend to apply with a modellers airbrush - which gives you much more control as well as only requiring smaller amounts of paint. One of those little Humbrol tinlets is more than enough





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I just had some magnets made for my Daimler Ferret. The company did a great job, was very fast, and the prices were more than fair. They offer custom stickers, magnets, and banners as well. I have no affiliation with them but would highly recommend that you check them out. When one was damaged in shipment they sent out a replacement the very next day at no charge to me. It is not often that you get price, quality, and speed all from the same business as well as great customer service. The company's website is:


Here are a couple they did for me. I may order stickers next to see which I like better, but with magnets I can change them easily enough.



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Simon I quite like the flood lamp change over switch idea as my own Jeep is British. Have you got original data/specification for what you have fitted? Ron

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