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1/2 ton trailer ball eye housing lubrication


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Chris I can't ever remember seeing that type of housing fitted to a 1/2 Ton trailer.


It looks identical to that used on the 1 Ton trailer. With that there is no hydraulic damper there is just a massive spring encompassing the shaft of the tow bar. My understanding was that to lubricate these fibre bushes at each end of the housing would allow too much bounce in the spring as the tow vehicle pulled off & braked the momentum from the trailer would be too readily transferred to the vehicle giving an irregular towing experience.


I understood that the frictional effect of the fibre bushes on the tow bar gave a smoothing effect to the pulls & pushes between vehicle & trailer. It is important that the tow bar can operate horizontally, rather than when I used a lower vehicle to tow the trailer a little nose down. This caused an elliptical wear pattern in the bushes that led a bumpier ride.

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thanks for that clive.


the trailer is a mk1 Brockhouse 1/2 ton narrow track the housing should be original because i have seen it on other identical trailers.


what you said makes sense. i will blast and paint the inside and leave it then




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