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Replica 105mm Light Gun

robin craig


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The 101 Land Rover was supposed to be a 105 prime mover.


Indeed, and was built specifically for the job, as the RA kept breaking the back of the LWB landrovers due to the weight of the ammunition and crew.


Rumour has it that Rover didn't actually make any money out of the FC101 production, it was more of a "we must keep the Army happy" deal.



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I think I have gotten to the bottom of what sparked me to start this thread.


These pictures are from a Mr A Davidson (and used by his permission as any of you on FB 101 group will have seen) and show his 1 Tonne towing a 105 Light gun, this is where the rumour of a replica started I think.


Anyway it isn't a replica but a training aid and a non functioning gun now.


These pictures were taken where the gun lives now.


Cool to get the shots.



101 towing gun 2.jpg

101 towing gun 1.jpg

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