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  1. I am also struggling with the new format , it is partly due to my skill and computer but it now takes a long time to access everything. I guess we all follow other forums and I would now consider this hard work to look through compared to many others. Hopefully this is taken as constructive criticism and not moaning ! I visit less now its just a struggle , Admin , are you able to compare foot traffic before and after the upgrade, is there any noticeable trends ?
  2. Stunning ! , for paid work why don't you send pictures of the equipment you have built to movie set makers ? the need all kinds of one off stuff made.
  3. I hope it is still there but I would have thought there would be no shortage of wire rope and other tracked vehicles about (and crews skilled in recovery work) at the time to pull both tanks out. they don't appear to be under fire and the guys who got the tank stuck would be very keen to get it out seeing as they were up to no good when it turned to custard.
  4. From what I remember they come apart fairly easily but it was a long time ago ! you just undo the allen head bolts and it separates , I think there were several pieces to each ring so if the don't have pin punch marks or numbers stamped on them do it yourself as they like going back the same way. we used dry lube on the ball bearings as the Waiouru dust would quickly clog up grease.
  5. May be a good idea to ditch the fuel bladder , when we did turret lifts the mechanics would often change the bladder because they were troublesome , I don't remember the reason why ? but we would always make sure they were filled up before they came in for the turret lift as any fuel in the bladder was written off. it always found its way into our private cars:cool2:
  6. Would you need an engine that actually came out of a tank or would the agricultural version be ok ? if so you could put the word out on some of those tractor forums , perhaps add in the bit about the tv program as people will be a bit more willing to help. There must be somebody out there who needs a free engine rebuild !
  7. Great pictures , do you have any more photos of other equipment at the site , very interesting place !
  8. It is surprising what good publicity and the right people asking for permission can achieve. The Military has all the resources (EOD techs , heavy recovery gear and trained operators) , Wounded/disabled Veterans are the perfect group to ask permission and participate in the dig , for starters the Military owe them big , the publicity is all positive , a small part of the training area gets cleared of dangerous material and some history gets retrieved. Ex Service men will no doubt be more interested in digging up tanks than bits of Roman pottery. everybody wins !
  9. Eddy8man , have you tried using Google earth to retrace your steps , it surprising what you can see in their maps !
  10. Everything worth while takes a bit of effort , as the price of WW2 artifacts increases more people will be out looking for them. I live in New Zealand so there is no chance of finding a buried Panzer nearby. but for a local French guy with a shovel it could be a very profitable hobby.
  11. There must have been millions of craters caused by bombing , the vast scale of destroyed equipment and ready access to nice deep holes would have been very tempting for the local farmer to just push in some more dirt and get on with growing a crop. those are interesting holes in the photos , they don't look like bomb craters or hand dug , at least on the high sides , a little more like naturally occurring slips ? but I am no expert...
  12. Hi folks , was surfing the net and found these pictures of destroyed vehicles , they ended up in handy looking holes that would be easier to fill in rather than clean up. the location would be very difficult to find but there will be other photos with identifiable landmarks that could lead to the unearthing of interesting artifacts all over Europe. with the internet vast amounts of WW2 pictures can now be viewed at the click of a mouse ,hopefully in the years to come we will see more history dragged back into the light !
  13. Looks to be in very nice condition , one thing the puzzles me is the ships wheel inside , is it the rare experimental aquatic version used in the D Day landings ?:-D
  14. Great looking suspension on the rough ground but I would never buy a tank from a fat unshaven Russian wearing cammo clothing :-D
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