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Track grip tyres

Amphibi boy

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Hi all,


I have just found a stock of Dunlop track grip tyres, used but very good condition, in 12.00x16 & 9.00x16 sizes.

(not so many 9's though at the moment) I need to go back and have a look and take some pictures, there may be more!


So my question, what are they worth? (difficult to say without pictures, but they will follow)


Bear with me for replies, I'm not on here as much as I would like, (life is in the way)


Thanks for looking and your help


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Hi everyone,

thank you

for all the p.m's (I didn't realise it would spark so much interest)


As for the chaps asking for other sizes as well as the ones I found, what I will do is go and have a look, note sizes, makes, and pictures, then I will post them up here

but please don't expect it done tomorrow, as it will be in my time, and I work (at work and at home) I will go down next week and start. (slowly) as I will have to man handle them all!!!


Thanks for your patience.


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Been a while since I have been on, but have now gone through the pile.

Only 3 9.00 X 16

one is completely gone, the other two (on wheels) have great tread but have some age cracks.

We have lots and lots of 12.00 X 16's, (asking €10 a piece) ideal for some trucks and trailers. They are in great condition and are heavy duty

they are a bit too big for my landy!



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