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HMVF members in-service photos


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Not sure if this has been done before? But we have a lot of ex's in here



Love the hessian on the SLR! Those packs were totally useless. When I was in Recon we threw them back in the trunk and always used US Alice packs. Impressive face cam! haha

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All the original kit was rubbish way back when. I remember when the cams were first issued every part of that kit was absolute junk. If you pulled a thread on the clothes a sleeve would fall off. The khaki boot eyelets would fall out and the plastic clips on webbing would break. The most annoying part was the trial equipment was good stuff.... the issued stuff must of been bought from the 2 buck shop.


Another memory... the cam material was so thin the mossies ate you alive. Solution was to soak in an insectcide which many had an allergic reaction to.

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