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Had a letter from Footman James yesterday informing me that they had been taken over by the Towergate Group. they say it will not make any difference to customers but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a large increase in the premium required on next renewal;) Call me cynical but a takeover always seems to be followed by a price increase in whatever the commodity happens to be.

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Yep. Before I bought my latest toy, I rang FJ for a quote. Not a problem sir, that will be £60 on top of the Ferret policy.


After I bought the new bit of kit, I tell FJ only to be told. Oh no sir we wont insure that at all.


Guess who is going to Flux come renewal of the Ferret.

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I don't know what has been going on with FJ.


Wife's Hilux Surf (sorry) has been insured with FJ for 8 years then last year they said they were no longer interested & certain improvements were now being offered by way of being pushed onto Equity.


Of course there was a big increase in premium so went to Adrian Flux & got it insured for cheaper than the original FJ premium!


What you have to watch with Adrian Flux is that they like to sign you up on the phone & "can't guarantee to hold the quote open". So I went with that only to find a series errors on the documents when they came through in an email (they seem to save by being totally paperless)


We also have a horsebox that was insured with NFU that was getting increasingly more expensive even when we got a horsebox that cost less! Tried Adrian Flux & got a much better price. But no I did not sign up on the phone but waited to read the policy pdfs. Having spotted the errors I then rang & signed up.


Despite checking through the details on the phone, get your quote & terms etc in writing first, check it carefully & then ring up to sign on.

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Don't know how true it is but some members of our group reported problems with FJ when they came to renewal or needed recovery ? There was talk that they were not insuring American vehicles anymore and larger vehicles were not covered on their breakdown recovery despite assuring policy holders they were. Someone in the club had to arrange separate recovery for his Jimmy. I suppose none of us know how good our insurance companies are until the fateful day we need them, I insure all my vehicles with RH Specialist Vehicles and they have been absolutely first class, unfortunately I had a claim a few years back and they were extremely sympathetic and easy to deal with. I certainly won't be going anywhere else on renewal and would recommend them if anyone is struggling to get a sensible quote for something out of the ordinary.

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