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ww2 folding bed.Belonging to Capt L Moran


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Feed back , information please guys regarding this ww2 bed,R.W.A.F.F (Royal west African frontier force)(khaki not light turquoise). it is marked W.S.1944,gov arrow,J.A 4999, Capt L Moran , R.W.A.F.F.http://www.flickr.com/photos/62607536@N06/sets/72157633426427518/

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Hi Al,


Those beds have been made in WWII the one you did show on flicker is a proper war time one...i have one like that too, belonging to a Medical Captain with his army number and dated.....

The post war onece do have green canvas instead of the kaky coloured ones.

Its like the folding field beds they are stil been made but originally older dan WWII.




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have bought two in the last three months, one for £3.00 at a car boot sale in Essex and one for £2.50 at a charity shop in Rayleigh, both dated 1944. thay are out there and i might have another soon from the lady who runs the shop.


we cant all be in the right place at the right time I guess then

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