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Scale is a problem here, I don't think it's particularly large (despite the apparent construction from bolted metal strip).


The chunk in the middle is a centre-tapped airspaced coil for radio frequencies, but I don't see what the 4 cylindrical units are for as there's no apparent connection to the coil.


I'd say it's an RF tank circuit, either for a transmitter, or some sort of medical/vetinary diathermy unit.



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I think I agree with Chris S. that it is electrical - certainly the two metal contacts at the top lead to that idea and it looks to be a 4 turn coil too short to be an electro-magnet. Are the (metal?) bars horizontally just there for strength ? It looks like it was designed for large currents and I do seem to remember a previous MO was an underwater transmitting antenna - I wonder if this is another part of that radio system ?



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