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Colchester Military Festival

Gareth Coe

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...that's the name for this year's Army Open Day at Colchester.

The date is 16 june.

Last year we had about 50 ex-military vehicles on display, as well as the modern stuff courtesy of Her Majesty's crew.

You can arrive on the Friday and camp overnight. There's camping for green and civvy tents/caravans etc. on the barracks. We're trying to organise a barbecue on either Friday or Saturday evening (after the publuc have disappeared).

There will also be arena events, stalls and re-enactors.

The venue is Abbey Field, Colchester.

Themes for this year's show include The Falklands (25 years - can you believe it?) and tank transporters: we think we've got a line-up of every tank transported used by the British Army since the 40s (Diamond T to Oshkosh). All other vehicles are more than welcome of course.

If you fancy bringing along a vehicle then drop me a line (PM) and I'll get an entry form sent out to you.


Gareth :-)

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I went last year and can definately recommend it. :-D Driving round in a jeep and blatting off lots of .303 during the main battle :evil: what more can you ask for? The Gurka kitchen! YUM :drool: ! :tongue: !



You've got Ghurka's cooking there - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Those little chaps are mean cooks :-) :-)

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width=640 height=376http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/HeidiLandRover/Colchester07map.jpg[/img]


This year's plan. I can e-mail a full-sized version to anyone if that's too hard to read ;-)

As you can see (hopefully) the maniacs from Bold Dog will be there again this year, as will lots of traders, 500 re-enactors and a special Falklands vets area (with beer tent). Plans for the full line-up of tank transporters are still looking good at the moment, and we've got some stuff you won't see anywhere else 8-)

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To all of you who came along: a big THANK YOU! :thankyou:


And now a request ~ My camera has been playing silly buggers just lately and as a result I have no photos from this year's Garrison Bash. If any of you kind people could send me some photos I would be VERY grateful :redfaced:

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