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  1. Well the weekend has come and gone, and I'd like to thank all those who turned up, especially the NLBA who raised over £400 for cancer relief at mount vernon hospital, by putting on "tank rides" for the punters with some 432's For those who didn't turn up, why do you bother sending in entry forms if you don't intend coming (some of you for the second year) If you don't want to come, don't waste your time and mine by requesting forms and sending them in? It is partly because of these timewasters that I will NOT be putting on any more shows at the gunpowder mills, I have better things to do with my time. If you don't support local shows, there will not be any local shows to attend. Once again, for all those who DID bother to make the effort, you have my thanks.
  2. Great to hear that (about the guzzie and floosie) not so sure about being called sweetie, but then, I have been called a lot worse! :-D
  3. Right, 13 weeks to go and preparations are well under way. Some forms have been posted out to previous entrants but if your a first timer and want a form let me know, and i'll have one in the post for you. If you have sent in a form then thanks, and passes etc will be sent out in a few weeks. If you don't support local shows then local shows will not be put on, lets make this years gunpowder mill show as good as the previous ones! Rob
  4. Fantastic, what a result. Count me in for this. I've got to say that im really glad I joined this forum, first we have the dover tunnel trips, now this. What other forum is this active at actually "doing" things rather than just talking about them. :dunno:
  5. I don't give mine a name, I call it a few when i fill the tanks :whistle:
  6. A real beauty, but I've never known one to fire on all cylinders for very long :-D
  7. And he got soft hands too! :shake: Notice I kept clear of the barbed wire last time..... :-D
  8. That must mean you took pics of the old one then! "You never told me you had such a beautiful grandmother" :schocked:
  9. When you gotta go you gotta go! at least I chose a bit of the tunnel that no one would walk on. Mind you I doubt very much if I was the first OR the last to dampen the chalk..... :-D Thanks Mark for driving us around in the Reo, and to our intrepid guides for showing us some great places. I can't believe Richard took pictures in the bar and missed the nice barmaid! :dunno:
  10. You would be more than welcome at the gunpowder mills show! 23/24th June http://www.royalgunpowdermills.com http://www.millsmilitaria.co.uk Just round the north circular, and a quick trip up the A10 :-D
  11. Might be along to this one, got to check work rota first.
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