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US Government scrapping all surplus military vehicles

Nick Johns

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I know this has been US policy for some mv's for a few years, but it seems all surplus mv's are now to be scrapped



The online petition if you want to add your support to change the decision


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Thing is by the time you work out the admin costs of casting vehicles, there probably worth just as much as scrap. Also the American legal habit of suieing anyone for anything, the US Goverment would be free of any past liability if some numpty has an acident. There is also the economic argumet that came up after WW2. If you release a lot of cheap ex military vehicles onto the civillian market, who is going to pay for a new one from the manufacturer?

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The US Government may be scrapping all military vehicles rather than flooding the market with cheap surplus vehicles, does sound like a good idea. What might make that ring hollow is that any public agency can apply to the disposing agency for the loan of vehicles at no purchase cost. When the vehicles are no longer required they are returned to the government. Sounds like ' do as I say, not as I do'.

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