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  1. Yes, I'm very interested, please keep us up dated as you move along. A big project on a nice little vehicle. I have been collecting derelict HUP's and parts to do a re-build and your progress will be a great tutor for me. I remember seeing your earlier posts and am glad to see you back on track again. Gordon
  2. Canada ceased to be a colony long ago, July 1 1867 was our independence day.
  3. It is a pity that when The Mynarski Lanc comes all the way from Canada there is regret at having to travel cross the U.K. to see it.
  4. The US Government may be scrapping all military vehicles rather than flooding the market with cheap surplus vehicles, does sound like a good idea. What might make that ring hollow is that any public agency can apply to the disposing agency for the loan of vehicles at no purchase cost. When the vehicles are no longer required they are returned to the government. Sounds like ' do as I say, not as I do'.
  5. The last soldier killed in WW1, from the British Empire Armies, was a Canadian soldier, just before 11AM November 11. He was killed at Mons Belgium, where the British Army had met the German Army in 1914. Makes it seem even more futile, doesn't it. I was on parade today playing in the Legion pipe band, 42 year for me. I have had the good fortune to be on parades in Holland and France, but the place and time that is exceptional too experience is in Belgium. Too be at the Menin Gate for the evening bugle ceremony, too hear the bugle call, which is done impeccably, echo through the Arch has a powerful effect and leaves a very haunting impression.
  6. I have bought a 1957 military TRW project bike that is missing the usual things. I have seen a rear stand advertised as being for a TRW but the picture shows minor variations in the castings, very minor, from the parts book picture. Are the rear stands for WW2 and post war bikes genaric, one stand firs many models, or are stands very specific to each motorcycle frame? Thank you for any help I can get. Gordon
  7. Not a compleyte failure, they got the bus back upright.
  8. Neil Thank you for the reply and no need to go through the manuals. A chum bought a BMP and it arrived at the farm Wednesday morning. We had a run through the fields and dried out the interior, as best we could, then started to check out the interior fitments. He has the manuals on CD and hasn't gotten them printed off. No need for you to burn your valuable time when we have the answer some where. I had hoped it would be a quick and simple thing to explain. Best Reguards Gord
  9. How do you release the gun elevation lock on the BMP turret gun ?The turret traverse lock is quite easy to find, we just can't find out how to release the gun lock. Thank you in advance for any advice. Gord
  10. Would it be something too be hoped for that William will have the same support in his life, with his Kate, that George VI had with his Elisabeth.
  11. I had heard all the horror stories about the wrong beads on the wrong rims. I had too put U.S. style tires on British rims and with lots of tire soap, some patience and fiddling it can be done. My rims had been sand blasted and painted so were in good condition and I'm sure that helped. I had an inner tube go bad and thought I was buggered, as I would never get the tire off the rim without damaging it. I was pleasantly surprised that several whacks with a duckbill tire hammer dropped the tire off the rim.
  12. With the downsizing of DoD vehicle numbers will any CVRT vehicles be joining the FV 432's a E.M.R. ?
  13. Very late in the day to respond, but the picture is in 'War in the Falklands', The Campaign in Pictures by The Sunday Express, Weidfield and Nicolson page 132.
  14. Oh what fun, I can't wait for the Iceberg as a life raft discussion to start!
  15. Lets hope there not, think about it.
  16. We eventually get Foyles War on TV here in Canada and it was an interesting series. I thought the inspector was going to retire to fishing and the kiddies were going to get on with life and raise a family. What's the new plot line?
  17. We pass, the few remaining, of this generation.
  18. It was tounge in cheek. Three buddies and I did The Somme and Flanders last spring. After seeing that, it's the old expression, if you don't laugh you will cry. Staggers the imagination that it lasted four years! My great uncle was railway troops, one freinds grand father was engineers and the other two brothers uncle was infantry and died of wounds from the Second Battle of Cambri, us Canadians called it Crossing the Canal-du- Nord. We reckoned all our relatives must have been there in that area at the same time.
  19. Where these issued to first wave troops in attacks?
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