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Terex 82-30B Heavy Crawler Tractor

Matt W

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Terex supplied a total of 46 of the 82-30B crawler tractors to the British Army, in two batches - 23 in one order in 1979 and another 23 in a second order in 1981. I understand they were called the RE Heavy Crawler Tractor.

There were no design changes between the civilian and military versions of this crawler tractor.

These are very late model Terex crawlers, and are very well equipped with rippers, blade, and fully enclosed cab.

It's very obvious the tractor in the photos is virtually brand new and has never turned a track in any serious work.


The USMC also took delivery of 255 of the earlier 82-30 model, between 1967 and 1972. These tractors were only fitted with a blade, they had no cab or rippers.

The Terex dozers weren't too bad a tractor, but the GM 2 stroke diesel exhaust note can get annoying after many hours of work.

They were a basically reliable tractor, but they suffered from a number of design failings, such as the rear mount radiator, which resulted in long coolant lines that could cause problems.


GM sold their earthmoving division to IBH of Germany in 1981 and got out of the earthmover construction industry.

However, the CEO of IBH, Horst Dieter Esch, was a crook who indulged in financial fraud on a huge scale, whilst trying to build a massive construction empire.

IBH folded in November 1983 when the fraud was discovered. GM were never paid in full for the Terex purchase, and became involved in a number of massive lawsuits to try and recover their losses from the IBH deal. GM eventually took repossession of Terex, as well as a number of the assets sold to IBH, such as factories, and then sold them again individually to other parties.

However, the IBH collapse saw the end of the Terex earthmover brand and production of these machines, although some left-over new machines were sold off in 1987.

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Did hear a story, many years ago, that the original contract was for 50 machines.  Prior to the contract the 82-30B was trialled by the RE Plant Wing at Chattenden along side the latest version of the CAT D8. 

The Plant guys preferred the CAT, but it was more expensive than the Terex.  So it was suggested to the powers that be that if they could have the CAT, they would make do with only 46 machines which would then only cost the same as 50 Terex.

The reply was, if you can manage with only 46 machines, you can have 46 Terex!!!

I used them quite a lot in BAOR in the 1980's, mainly for anti tank ditch digging, and have to agree with Ploughman, immense pushing power, but you can't see where you're going. 

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