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  1. @wally dugan Thank you very much for your help. Closed a gap at my own ARN list. I have a copy of a page from a Ruddignton catalogue but I can't identify a year from this page. The whole catalogue is still at my want list.
  2. @wally dugan Did you know the exact range of numbers (ARN's) given at the FK series for contract WV9530? Thank you for any help.
  3. This helps a lot, thank you very much for this information! Sascha
  4. Does a member has any information about the two contracts WV7867 and WV9530, both for BMC/Austin 250JU Utility Vans? Looking for registration numbers, asset codes, are there only this two contracts? I know 43 FK 67 should be part of the contracts above but witch one? Thanks for any help.
  5. 00 HX 27 is from contract FVE32B/476 with VIN B22381 and DoD 6/81.
  6. @wally dugan Are there any pages with X series Trucks too? Were in the early postwar years also VW Käfer (VW Beetle) sold?
  7. Yes, they are! Very interesting, are there more?
  8. Wow, what a mass of BSA Motorcycles....are there any Matchless G3L and Norton 16H too?
  9. Maybe wrong file extension(.jpeg) or upload limit????
  10. Thank you very much! That is very interesting. I'm looking for post 1948 renumberd vehicles too, like the R series(RA-RH), Y series(YA-YZ), X series(XA-X?) and Z series(ZA-Z?). I'm grateful for every page I can get.
  11. Are there some copys of pages available where cars/trucks/trailers are for sale with registrations at the BT/RA/YL/YW/GF/HF/RN series on it?
  12. Is it possible to get full copys of a hole sale catalogue(or more catalogues)? Sascha
  13. Hi all, can anybody help me please with the registrations of old motorcycles? Are 35YB12, 08YB71, 18YA69, 51YB13, 70YA81 and 81YA81 Ariel W/NG and are 30YD61, 66YC85, 48YD37, 52YD89 and 15YE16 Machtless 3GL? Thanks Sascha Germany
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