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British WW2 jeep records


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I have a Ford-GPW project with an identifiable frame number and I am fairly sure that it came to Norway as part of British equipment immediately post-War, before the US military aid took over in the 1950's.


Unfortunately I have, so far, not been able to find it in Norwegian records.


Is there anywhere in the UK that might have a record of a jeep's WD nr and other data including transfer to a foreign country or civil register4, based only upon the GPW-****** frame number ?

I'm thinking possibly The Tank Museum, IWM, Army Museum ?


Any suggestions gratefully received.





Oslo Norway



(BTW I'll be posting this enquiry also in other forums in case you might see it elsewhere)

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If the Jeep in question left British service prior to 1948 or so then it won't appear in the post-war 'Key Cards' that the RLC Museum refer to as the B vehicle cards. These records were compiled at the point that the new post-war registrations were issued and would have been the tidying up of what remained on strength after wartime losses and the early disposals.


As far as is known, there are no systematic records of British wartime vehicle allocations. If you know the area that the Jeep was found in then you can check war diaries for British units that were in the locality. Some of these diaries include a list of vehicles either by chassis or census number but it's a very small chance and you'd need to check a lot of diaries, including Ordnance, RASC, REME, Provost and Div HQ etc. If you can't get to the records office in Kew then it will cost a fortune with only a tiny chance of success.

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Thanks for that. I cant be certain that it is ex British but there is dark green paint underneath. At some stage I'll delve under the paint on the bonnet to see what I can find.





THE B card records at the RLC MUSEUM do not contain any information on ex british wartime vehicles transfered to other

goverments yes if you have a british army cenus number they may find its details beter still the post 1948 number

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