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Mystery Object No.13


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Is that the right way up???



No it isn't, well spotted Neil. I did that to try to stop Richard guessing it in one. This is the correct way round:



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poo burner :shake:



Yes it is indeed. "A battalion 1,000 strong provides 600 lb of filth a day in latrine buckets, 500 lb of this being liquid and 100 lb solid. The fluid of 50 lb of this can be absorbed by 10 lb of sawdust and the regiment therefore requires 100 lb per diem of absorbent matrix of the equivalent value of sawdust, to take up the liquid."


"In practice, dried horse litter provides the best supplementary fuel and it may be noted that 2 lb of this give enough fuel for the incineration of the faeces of one man."


Incidentally urine itself was collected & filtered away separately. The above applies to the contents of buckets comprising solid & accompanying liquid inevitably collected at the same time.

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