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The old RAF airfield as been converted into a multiple outlet using the old Nissen huts, you will find a military museum amongst them. When we visited we spoke with the museum curator and asked if they had any military vehicle restorers on the Island, he gave us a phone number and we had a fantastic time with the guys. The museum also had a lot of unrestored exhibits out the back locked away....... once that we had told the curator who we were and what we did for a hobby he unlocked the gate and allowed us all the time that we wanted to wonder around........ its amazing just how much stuff is on the Island when you start to dig around......... good luck with your visit.

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Fort Campbell on the headland to the north of the bay. Have a look on Google Earth. Worth a bus trip down to Valetta for two reasons 1) the ride on an old bus :-) , although I'm told they are being forced off the road since they entered the EU 2) if you like fortifications, Valetta is heaven.

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Somebody asked the same question here: http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?t=115640


In case the link doesn't work, here are my suggestions:

If you go to the Aviation Museum at Ta Qali the Mtarfa military cemetery is only 10 minutes' walk away.

The Sanctuary Museum at Zabbar has got some parts from the Vulcan which exploded overhead in 1975, including the canopy.

The War Museum in Valletta is first class. It used to be very poor but it has recently been refurbished. There are a few dodgy identification labels on bits which I told them about a long time ago but they haven't changed them.

The Lascaris War Rooms in Valletta are well worth visiting. They've recently been refurbished.

There is a WW2 museum in Birgu (Vittoriosa) which is under redevelopment. I think it's just reopened after an overhaul. T

The Maritime Museum at Vittoriosa is good.

The Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial is near the bus terminus in Valletta.

There's an old tower in the bay at Mellieha which is a Tuna Museum but it's got some military bits on show.

Don't bother hiring a car unless you want to die. It's the worst place in Europe for driving, parking is a nightmare and the buses are cheap if you get day tickets.

The weather will be great at this time of year. You can't fail to enjoy it!


No Signals, I'm afraid the old buses have gone. They're all Euroboxes now, mostly made in China ...

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What a shame that the old buses have gone.......... it was worth going just to ride the buses !!!!



Aye, it was. They've kept a few to be used for special tourist jobs but otherwise you're in the hands of Arriva. There have been a lot of problems for commuters using the new service but as tourists we have no complaints, and the new drivers don't seem to feel that it's compulsory to short-change you!


Many of the old buses have gone straight into museums all over the world. We've even got one here in the IOM at our transport museum at Jurby. Can't think why, except that it's somebody's toy.

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just make sure you carry your camera at all times im am sure you there are are still plenty of treasures to photograph riding about. my first trip there i was in buggiba sat on the sea front rocks when a fire broke out in some houses an ex army green goddess style vehicle arrived to put the fire out but had no water on board so while waiting for a tanker to arrive from ( i think Valletta) one of the crew jumped out and put a wooden chock under a back wheel cos the hand brake would not hold . the rest of the crew started to rip the roof off to save it and some went in side and started bring out personel belongings. every body including tourists helped were they could. If nothing else i will guess the people are some of the nicest most helpful people you will ever come across although i havent been for quite a number of years. Also if you like to go for a quite drink go off the tourist trail and in to one one of the labour bars like our working mans clubs show any form of id beer is for nothing once you can strike up a conversation with a local. or at least it used to be 20 years since i last went. Malta is a place you will love or hate but you have to put only a little effort in towards been friendly and make conversation and you will get great rewards




ignore all i have said the guys already been and done it

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Sorry to report that from a vehicle point of view it was a bit of a washout, very little of interest on view, just a couple of Bedford J types and a few 1970's transits, all the old buses are gone. There was what appeared to be the remains of an Amazon sticking out of a tree opposite the aviation museum entrance. The Lancaris war rooms in Valleta are worth a visit, as are the war museum and the aircraft museum. On Gozo I did spot an garden full of red Minis.

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