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Another fool.

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Hi everyone.

I've been in the MV world for a while but not been on here for ages. Based in Lancashire and have more gear than is sensible for my tiny house and limited income. I'm not what you would call a purist, but I do appreciatte the effort that purists put into their interests. I spend most weekends tinkering with all my stuff, and adding to the list of bits I want or need for them. I also have other interests, but they mostly seem to have been sidelined by all the green gear.

Chieftain MBT mk10




Stalwarts x 2

Landrover 110


No money

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Blimey, that's a proper armor list!!! Welcome to the forum!!


P.s. I have that no money vehicle too. Can't wait to get rid of it but nobody I'd interested and the market seems flooded with those vehicles.

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It is an addiction and you most definitely won't be encouraged to give it up and yes a great many others on here have no space.... plus small houses to boot but I suspect we wouldn't have it any other way. :D The missus on the other hand tolerates the habit

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