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Back in the Landrover fold

Lord Burley

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Back in January i parted company with my 101.....






It ended 20 something years of owning a Landrover of some description or another.But then up popped Chris,s (Sirhc) LtWt in the classifieds.There was no intention to buy anything else,as the order of the day was to cut back not increase.Well the bug got the better of me and much to the protests of the other half i bought it.......














Well the intention is to have it for the summer at least and get some shows in.I had a few small issues sorted and at the moment i am enjoying it.:thumbsup:

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That's an absolutely gorgeous little truck mate.....very envious :)

now......all I got to do is make the pile of junk thats currently nesting at my Mothers look something the same.............shouldn't take long.......I'll be right back ....:cool2: in a year ..or 3.

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Hi Mark,


Looks really good with the black paint on, hopefully it proves as reliable for you as it was for me. :) I'm glad it won't spend another summer parked up in the garage.



Hello Chris


I have been using it everyday to travel to and from work. It has taken me back to when I was 18 and used one as a daily driver.

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I knew I should not have started looking at forums again, picking my new lightweight up tomorrow (should never have sold the last one) :)

Hopefully will have it looking as good as this one by the end of summer, Chris does such a nice job with his restorations its a tough standard to beat!

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Yes, that seems to have been the way with many Army vehicles - they stayed in the same location and the units took them over.


It would be interesting to see if the RLC Museum at Deepcut has the history of your Lightweight from 1980 - 1987 (pre Merlin). It may have just been in storage but it could also have seen service in NI or elsewhere!


Chris thinks your Lightweight may have been fitted with a Vehicle Protection Kit (VPK) as it has blanking plates in the right places.


You're a very lucky chap - especially as 3 Royal Anglian is (was) my local regiment!

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