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  1. Right at the end of the sale. I wonder if that affected sale price? Thank you Lex.
  2. 90EL37 page 35 of the 2-3 October Ruddington sales, lot No. 816. Land Rover 88 G.P. Vehicle (series 88/IIa) Many thanks. Merlin.
  3. Lex, did you ever scan the entry for my Land Rover?
  4. On Saturday I took another look at the launcher and blindfire. I took a few photos using someone elses phone (smashed the camera on mine) so am awaiting the images to be sent to me. I just wanted to clarify that I have not found any Equipment Registration Mark on the launcher. In an earlier post I said that I thought I had seem a TM serial number there. I now think that may have been on the launcher that Trinity Marine have for sale as that is clearly stencilled on the side of the a frame. I did have a thorough search for you.
  5. My guess is fusilliers, probably during its time as a pooled NI vehicle?
  6. 27BK21. There is a photo of it on the Op Banner FB Group. So now you have a photo of it as a Mk2! The photo was posted by Dominic Ostrowski, so he may own the image?
  7. I got to view a few of the FSA and Blindfire trailers of 12 AD Regt at Thorney Island that were stored in the caravan park. Blindfire had a 08BX14 serial stamped on to the plate on the top of the a frame just behind the towing ring The FSA had a similar plate that was blank, but from memory had a very faint and faded TM serial number stencilled on to the a frame in yellow. A few photos for clarity!
  8. Thank you Lex. That would be perfect.
  9. Several years ago I asked if anyone had a 1974 Ruddington Catalogue to hand that they may be able to find one of my vehicles in? At the time it drew it blank, so I am asking again in the hope that a catalogue has now surfaced? Land Rover 90EL37 was cast for disposal on 8th June 1974 to Ruddington. If the catalogue is still not available, can anyone confirm the likely sale date and auction catalogue number? My other two Land Rovers were disposed of a little later. British Car Auctions in Tunbridge Wells in 1984 and the other was Struck off charge at Supply Depot Viersen, BAOR on 24th April 1980. Does anyone know if those disposal sites would have catalogues?
  10. Fantastic to see the Thornycroft up and running. This thread has been excellent to read through and follow for the past few years.
  11. Dave Dolan's words were 'Share away' so now you need to pose without the pancake! Dave was MTO driver for three tours between 1983 and 1987. Not sure where the pig picture was taken.
  12. 05BK41 This photo is from a FB Group I am a member of. The person sat in the pig is the owner of the photo, but I do not have his permission to post it. Therefore I have blanked his face out. I will send him a PM though and see if he is willing to make contact? In the meantime, enjoy...
  13. That image of 04DM62 is in Malaya. The crest on the wing is 28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade. I have another photo of it in service stolen from Pete Marsden on the internet! He learnt to drive in it. The next closest vehicle to the OP's vehicle is 04DM70. That was stolen from Trevor Shelley who I think took the photo of it when it served with 11 Sqn, RE in 1969?
  14. The a4 wad of information included a mobile phone number for the REME recovery team (yes really), and unit information. The bulk appears to be a very early version of autoroute-express or similar print outs with crude computer drawn maps and minute by minute timings to each junction along the route. Having just checked these were printed in 2000, but the pack is correct for mid to late 90's vehicles. The only other Works Ticket Holder I have that is complete dates from 1955 and FMT (revised) x 3 and W.O. Code No 11076 Standing Orders for Drivers, A civilian drivers licence (with 6 month renewel sheets pasted inside) There is also a reminder to complete AF G 3518 Transport Work Ticket or AF G 3652 Issue Voucher Convoy [cannot read text]
  15. Richard, I opened up one of the 1996 dated Works Ticket Holders and have been through the paperwork. The enclosed JSP 351: MT Drivers Handbook (rev. Feb 1986) mentions a Vehicle Worksheet, but one was not found in the wallet presumably as it was issued/ changed each journey? It does state in section 20: "Vehicle Worksheet. Documentation procedures vary but you are required to maintain a clear record of all particulars of each journey, or leg of each journey, including timings and fuel issues, on the vehicle worksheet provided by your controlling office." Does this mean it is a locally produced form? Aside the JSP 351: MT Drivers Handbook there is; F MT 1005 (3/97): Vehicle Fault Report; Sealed envelope labelled Accident/ Recovery Instructions, Open Only If Required. contained within: F/MT3-2: Traffic Accident Report Form F/MT3-3: Traffic Accident Reporting Procedures Annex A to Chapter 18 to JSP 341 Part IV: Instructions to the driver in event of breakdown. Axxex A to DRS Newsletter No 15 Amd 2 dated 12 July 1996: Windscreen and bodyglass Replacement and Repair AF P 1922 For 'B' Vehicle Reapairs and Spares. There is also a sizeable wad of A4 travel plan sheets, maps, route plans, timescales and contact details for various units for an exercise. Nothing at all showing individual vehicle details, mileage and fuel information.
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