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more ladies please


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all we need now are more of the female branch of the human race so we can have civilised converstaions about uniforms & civilian clothes.

we can even run similar posts to the blokes.


what colour shall I paint my nails = what colour shall I paint my jerry can?


whats the best way to re-enforce my undercarraige = shall i shutz the undercarraige


does this bag go with this outfit = does this webbing go with my Jeep.


maybe we are not so different after all :lol: :lol:


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Oh you meant more ladies as in Membership I thought you meant as working in the WWII war efforts like this


WAVES Aviation Metalsmith 2nd Class Elizabeth Holbrook checking a finished metal bracket against its blueprint in a repair building at a Naval Air Station in the Hawaiian islands, circa mid-1945

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do you mean more ladies on the forum or more pictures of ladies on the forum




Ummm,...........both, I guess, as long as its in context. :)

Certainly the fairer sex contributed more than her fair share, during wwii, from the Lumber Jills,/Land Army Lassies, through to manning (sic) factories/transport, etc, to serving in the various branches of the armed forces.



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