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  1. Are you exhibiting a Military Vehicle? if so you will have to write a letter to Pete Hibberd Miltary Section Leader around about January, forms and paperwork if you are successful will be sent out in the Sprng.Space for MV is restricted. Caravans are not permitted on the MV show area, and have to be parked in the Caravan field. and your vehicle weather permitting should be on MV area by 9am evry morning. Hope this helps
  2. on Sunday the 23rd September the Ladies Driving Challenge is also happening at Bovington in aid of Marie Curie cancer care. I'm fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care & I'd love your support! Text GSIE60 £2 to 70070 to sponsor me today. http://www.justgiving.com/Amanda-J-Guy many thanks in advance miss jeep
  3. I have a video too, but not sure how to upload it!! about 15 mins long
  4. myself and hubby, would love a copy of this photo Amanda and Robert Guy
  5. WELCOME:) the ferret purrs again, we have seen the tranformation over the last year as it is in our garden, looking forward to the show season again, hope WE BOTH done brake down again on our way to and at Hordean as we did last year, Miss Jeep (Amanda)
  6. we are back for the season, been very busy renovating a home, but almost there now, soon moving into the bungalow, hoping for another fun packed season and looking forward to seeing some old faces or even older faces than last year and meeting many more this year Miss Jeep and Rob Uk Amanda and Robert
  7. hey, how u doing,?




  8. We also met up with Jack today, but the other half kept his wallet shut, the tent and footlocker will have to wait for a while.
  9. what a cutie, congratulations to you all, especially her big sister, other siblings sometimes get forgotten, when baby arrives. Well done
  10. just watching captain corelli's mandolin, the other half said "whats Jack doing firing that canon" made me chuckle so i thought i would share it with you all:)
  11. here we go.........hope you like winner of the Geoff Holt Cup for Best Dorset Entry is Nigel Bartlett and his Leyland Hippo
  12. hi, I will post pictures later but its worth waiting for..... Nice to meet up with like minded people, Nice to see Jack there this afternoon. Amanda
  13. Hi Phil, welcome to the forum, let your wife learn to drive the truck, hope to see you at the GDSF we will be there Amanda
  14. Welcome Jan they may seem mad, until you meet some of them and then you see that they are enthusiastic about their machines and weapons... Amanda
  15. WED 27TH - SUN 31ST AUG.... Hi, who is coming to this years Fair? thought i would start new thread as the other one was last years. We will be there with the 2 Jeeps and 2 trailers and 2 9 x 9 tents etc etc. We will be camping with our vehicles with the other banner in front (Dorset MVT) so please stop and say hello!! Amanda, Rob and Nikki p.s the trophy is polished
  16. thank you, but he is probably in the beer tent by now lol
  17. I am happy now he is at Beltring and little Miss Jeep is in Italy not happy that they both went on my Birthday, and thanks HMVF for my birthday email, at least someone cared
  18. We will be going next weekend, with 2 jeeps and trailers, 101, and landrover plus a morris tilly, if you see this collection of vehicles come and say hello, we will have the Dorset MVT banner up;) Now only going to take one jeep and trailer, 1. to save some money on petrol 2. more money to spend 3. to share the driving,
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