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Fuel tanker accident Wales 1945


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Stolen from another forum, anyone got an idea as to what the tractor unit is?


This spectacular accident occurred in June 1945 when brake fade caused this USAF aviation spirit tanker to have brake failure and it crashed through the cast iron railings and landed, as you can see, on the rocks below the bridge.

The driver, an African American and his dog walked away from the scene with bruises only.

The tanker was not carrying any fuel at the time of the accident and was en route to RAF Valley on Anglesey.

I was talking to an elderly resident of the village a few days ago who remembered the recovery operation to lift the vehicle which entailed the USAF and the US Army and he recalled the extensive equipment they deployed. The task was accomplished in less than a day

The tractor unit I believe was a Scania but I will defer to those better informed than I.



Pete Stevens-with-a-v

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It's an M35 series so it would not have been 1945! Possibly 1954? Certainly post 1947 as it has USAF on the bonnet and that did not exist before then.

I think the M35 first came out in about 1950 with the tractor truck having it's own number which I would have to look up!

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As Adrian says definitely M series. As Matt says the location is Betws y Coed, there is a long descent on the A5 from Pentrefoelas and until the A55 Expressway opened carried a great deal of heavy traffic. Lots of trucks have come to grief on that stretch of road over the years but these days it isn't used much by heavy vehicles.

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Its much later than the 40's... I would say 60's.


Its NOT:






My guess is M-52.. The fenders are way to wide to be an M35.


It had a winch (the story goes that the headlights were in the 'upper' holes when a winch was installed to clear the bumper). Also the BO driving light under the right headlight makes it a tactical vehicle of some sort.

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