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Lingfield Steam and Country Show - Ferrets on a Ferret?

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Myself and Griff66 drove up on Friday with a new rad on the Ferret which will hopefully put an end to the overheating on long runs problem, although as the show site is only 7 miles from us not really a long enough run to see if the problem is finally solved though Paul is running out of things to replace :-D.


Arrived just after midday to hear horror stories of the dreaded HSE ordering people to move their tents at least 6m apart and of someone having to move a 12 man patrol tent already pitched :-(.



Any ways set-up camp and started on the cold beers looking over a collection of Jeeps and Landrovers when something came rumbling along over the hedgerow though all we could see of it was end of a crane jib and some sort of "trailer" :-D


A few more minutes resolved this into Mark with his Ward La France M1A1and infamous trailer. Having never met him before we settled down in the camp chairs with beers in hand to watch the show as he setup :-D Of course there is no such thing as just watching the show and within a few minutes he had us erecting side tents, running winches and knocking in the odd few mooring pins for the winch anchors.





A great way meet Mark.


I bet you're thinking 'hang on, what about ferrets on a ferret' well a picture saves a thousand words so without further ado :-



Apparently just further up in the field from us was the Kent Van Cruising club and one of their members had a load of ferrets and wanted a picture of his ferrets on a ferret :-D This might give a little flavour of the show given there was also terrier racing :-




About 30 or so military vehicles plus a load of steam engines and classic cars.

We were very impressed with this 1954 Volvo command car, which quite modern for its age.


Volvo "Sugge" TP21


And finally on Sunday someone turned up in something to give a little oomph to the show.




Which turned out to be Mike's (TooTallMike) Spartan and that he was only 5 miles down the road from us, small world eh?


All in all a very good local show and a nice way to relax after War & Peace and meet some new folks from the forum.



Ian & Paul









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Good to meet you Ian and Paul -


Small world is right - wasn't expecting to meet any forum members as this show.


I quite enjoy the local steam shows as there is always something (non green) to look at.


Many thanks for your help when setting up. No wonder Wards were a three man crew.


Oh and a special thank you to Ian and Paul -


When Naughty Nurse (Debs) was making our breakfast (myself and TTM) the gas ran out in the love trailer and the chaps kindly lent us their portable stove - certainly saved our bacon - literally!!!



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